Common problems with Chimneys

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ChimneysAll in all, Chimneys are a straightforward piece of ancient technology, basically consisting of a duct or flue from a room to open air on top of the roof. As the pressure at the base of the duct is lower than that at the top, smoke and other fumes are pulled up the chimney. A good roofer will deal with all types of difficulties with your chimney. Below you can discover the many ways in which a Chimney system can fail and how you can set about restoring them.

General weathering is the reason behind a lot of roofing and chimney difficulties, and cracking is no exemption of this. The shift in temperature and moisture would mean the brick will probably expand and thaw, which eventually can result in cracks showing up. Historic structures are especially susceptible to problems, as they are constructed to stand the greater heat of burning coal. As with numerous roofing and structural difficulties, frequent check ups and maintenance are the most beneficial prevention’s. However, if cracks have already made an appearance in your chimney the time is now to take action quickly.

The most beneficial technique to fix cracks in your chimney will depend on the form of material it is produced out of as the approach deviates for stone and brick chimneys. Of course, ahead of attempting any repairs you really should get professional assistance ideally from a qualified roofing business such Berkshire Roofers, Ideal Roofing Ltd. An improper repair will not just be costly but can cause the chimney to even more deteriorate or perhaps fall off. With a stone chimney, if you catch the crack in time, the repair is easy to undertake at home.

Once you have correctly climbed onto the roof, clean the area surrounding the crack and then fill up with caulk (or any other sort of concrete cementing substance). This is a fairly quick and easy method, and as soon as the filler has been smoothed off it could also be sanded down if you feel it’s needed. However, if perhaps the mortar has began to crack or crumble, then the procedure is a little challenging. The mortar will need repairing, and the first action is to get rid of the old mortar, ideally by means of a hammer or chisel, and leave the area a little wet. After that you will need to blend the mortar making sure you at all times comply with directions carefully as it is critical the mortar is the ideal mix and consistency to support your chimney. Disperse the mortar into the area you have removed and maintain the mortar wet for a few days to really help it set.

If you have a brick chimney, a recurring problem might be hairline cracks in the brick. In order for these to not lead to seepage, the bricks can be protected in a clear water repellent. This layer will guarantee that water vapour can still get away through the bricks, but it defends the house from rain entering as a result of hairline cracks. Strong winds can also trigger cracks in the mortar and the approach for repairing the mortar is the same regardless of whether you have a brick or stone chimney.

Regardless of what form of roof or chimney material has been used on your house, weathering will always trigger concerns. Cracks in chimneys are regular incidences, but as you can see, they can be effortlessly prevented and resolved if required. It is best to always try to get professional assistance from a Berkshire based Roofers company prior to performing repairs yourself.

Should you have any problems with your chimney brickwork or chimney pots, please contact us. We cover Ascot, Guildford, Reading, Windsor and throughout Surrey and Berkshire.

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